Geoff Green – Philanthropy as a Radical Act

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Philanthropy as a Radical Act

The role of philanthropy during the COVID Crisis.

Geoff makes conversations about philanthropy fascinating because he is fascinated by it. While now may seem the wrong time to ask for donations, Geoff makes a case that now is the exact time to put your money to work, especially during an emergency.

Geoff Green

CEO, Santa Barbara City College Foundation

Born in the San Francisco Bay area, Geoff came to Santa Barbara in 1990 as a UCSB student. He found his passion for campus and community organizations working for social justice and environmental health.

He has raised over $4 million for more than 50 nonprofit organizations as a volunteer auctioneer.

He currently also serves as the Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce of the Santa Barbara Region and the VP of the Board of Directors for the Network of California Community College Foundations.