Matthew Bershadker – Pets, Poverty and the Pandemic

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Pets, Poverty and the Pandemic

The impact on animal welfare

As the head of the ASPCA, Matt has a deep understanding of the effect of poverty on our nation’s animals. Couple that insight with the Pandemic and you’ll look forward to hearing about what he describes as a seismic shift in the animal welfare community.

Matthew Bershadker

Matthew Bershadker is president and CEO of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the first animal welfare organization in America and a national leader in the rescue and protection of at-risk animals.

Under Matt’s leadership, the ASPCA has established and expanded critical animal protection, community support, and COVID-19 response programs across the country with the goal of creating systemic change for animals in need.

A lifelong animal lover, Matt joined the ASPCA in 2001.

How you can help the animals

The general public can help vulnerable and victimized animals most by adopting animals, fostering animals, contacting and supporting their local animal shelters, letting pet-owning friends know they can be emergency caretakers if it becomes necessary, educating themselves on important animal welfare issues, and advocating for animals through the political process.


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