Lisa Jones – COVID-19 and Race: Double Emergencies for Women of Color

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COVID-19 and Race: Double Emergencies for Women of Color.

Connecting the Data Points.

Women of color face unique health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. This disproportionate impact on women of color should not be dealt with by women and their families alone. Dealing with existing health and social conditions in addition to the COVID-19 health crisis requires paying particular attention to the information shared to leverage these critical data points to develop targeted programs for this population. By addressing the definition of what is an emergency and how women of color indeed are facing both preexisting and COVID-19 crises, via collected data available, acknowledges their compounded health implications and need for prompt action.

Lisa Jones

Healthcare Expert, and Clinician

Lisa Jones is a healthcare expert and clinician at the Bear Institute for Pediatric Health Innovation at Children’s National Hospital (CNH) and Cerner Corporation. She delivers responsible valuable strategy and health IT experience in population health management, driving data insights for improved healthcare delivery and outcomes. She serves as a Global Lead for the Health of Women & Girls to the Women’s Economic Imperative. She has held numerous roles leading clinical informatics at hospitals and primary care practices.